Talma and The Myth of Agharta

CHINA 1931 – Renowned archeologist MICHAEL TOUSSAINT


disappears in mysterious circumstances while he was leading an excavation at the Kun-Lun mountains in China, in search for the mythical “JADE DRAGON”, which is the key to the entrance of the lost city of “AGHARTA”, home of the Immortals.


His daughter TALMA, well known stunt pilot and photographer, will assume the responsibility to look for his trail. TALMA, accompanied by BOB and KARISMA arrive at Kun-Lun after a troubled journey. They will have to search for the Monastery wich lies beneath the earth, where some amazing and fantastic enigmas are waiting to be discovered.



·FORMAT: Animovie 75min

·GENRE: Adventure

·TECHNIQUE: 2D Animation

·TARGET: 6 to 12